Curved Laminated Glass

Laminated glass, often known as safety glass, consist of two sheets of glass that are sealed together using in most cases a transparent foil. (Other foils are available).If the glass at anytime should break it will not fall out of its frame, and people will noe suffer from a fall. Laminated glass is used in roofing, railings on balconies and terraces, staircases etc. If the difference in level exceeds 80 cm, safety glass is highly recommended an in many countries mandatory.

Our standard range of laminated glass:

4mmglass + 2 layers of 0,76mm foil + 4mm glass, total thickness   9,52mm

6mmglass + 2 layers of 0,76mm foil + 6mm glass, total thickness 13,52mm

8mmglass + 2 layers of 0,76mm foil + 8mm glass, total thickness 17,52mm

10mm glass + 2 layers of 0,76mm foil + 10mm glass, total thickness  21,52mm

Other combinations of glass are available, we also produce the laminates above with 3 layers of glass. Please contact us for more information.

We also deliver flat laminated glass.